275, Getúlio Vargas Avenue, Praia Grande, Arraial do Cabo - RJ, Brazil


Nusa Brasil

Created in November 2015, the hostel welcomes tourists from all over the world, especially the surfing crowd. After all, Arraial do Cabo has excellent beaches for practicing the sport.


Receive and disseminate Arraial do Cabo to the world through hosting. We always strive for growth by offering quality services to our guests.

Arraial do Cabo has always been on our itinerary for weekends and holidays, we love the city, we have a special affection for the place that has tourist potential and enchants with its natural beauties and crystalline waters. The Nusa Brasil came from a unique opportunity, when we know the house where the hostel is today, we realize the lodging capacity of the place. The space would be too big for a couple, so the idea of having a hostel came up, since we were going to open a restaurant.

Nusa Brasil has a suite, two shared rooms, shared bathroom, equipped kitchen, shower after beach, support for surfboards, clothes line, living room with WiFi and cable TV, recreation area with barbecue, TV, video game , Snooker, bicycles, tables, chairs and hammock for rest. Soon, camping and bar, plus a food truck, for your stay to be complete.